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Keeley Compressor Plus Limited Gold

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The Keeley compressor is probably one of the most popular boutique compressors in the world. So much so that the American factory has built more than 80,000 compressors in its Oklahoma workshop. But this is an exclusive gold-colored version built especially for Fanatic Guitars and limited to just 20 units worldwide.

This new Plus version represents a breakthrough in its line of 2 and 4 button compressors. The new features are simple and straightforward. There is now an adjusted release switch for single coil pickups or humbuckers. A tone control has been added to its design that emphasizes the more sensitive harmonics that can be lost by compression. Additionally, the Plus version now has a mix control that holds peaks during the performance and, more importantly, the proper phase of your guitar signal. The Keeley Compressor Plus is a compressor that also functions as an expander / sustainer. Not only does it act like a regular compressor, limiting peaks in your playing, it adds more and more gain as the notes fade out. This also translates into more sustain.

The new release switch is designed to ease the transition between single coil and humbucker guitars. Humbuckers have more power on average than single coils, which can cause compressors to stay in “compression mode” for much longer. When this happens, any series of notes you play will sound weak. With the quick release of the new Compressor Plus, your humbuckers remain true sounding, and each note retains dynamic attack and definition. The tone control is based on analog delays and other classic effects. These effects use an emphasis circuitry to recover highs that are lost after processing. The mix control is designed to limit peaks in your performance by applying ‘Manhattan style’ compression that preserves all peaks and transients with the Blend and Tone controls while adding sustain.

The new Compressor Plus is very versatile, not only suitable for funk or hard rock music. You can remove just the right amount of peaks for an ambient layer and then mix in the right amount of highs to give your guitar a nice shine. Use it with your favorite fuzz to create a wall of sound like you hear on commercial records. The Keeley Compressor Plus offers the same boost of frequencies and sweetness of tone of the previous versions, now with the flexibility to easily handle any instrument.

  • Fanatic Guitars Custom Edition
  • True bypass
  • Controls: Sustain, blend, level, and tone
  • Switch between single/humbucker pads
  • Led on/off
  • Jacks: input and output.
  • 9VDC, power supply connector or internal battery (recommended power supply)
  • Current: 10mA
  • Finish: Gold


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