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Cabzeus is a speaker / cabinet simulator + DI box in a pedal, based on a algorithms process. This device allows you to recreate the speaker sound directly recorded by mic. GFI team has incorporated into Cabzeus a large number of unique and powerful features that go beyond simple speaker simulations.

  • Stereo Input / Output.
  • Using their free software you can customize all the parameters (speaker type, cabinet type, microphone location, etc.) of each channel independently.
  • Cabzeus uses advanced DSP processing techniques with analog circuits that ensure optimal use and minimal noise.
  • All the algorithm customization settings mentioned above are made in the free CabsLab software and can be stored as presets in Cabzeus.
  • Speakers selections are organized in 4 classes: guitar, bass, gears, and miscellaneous.
  • With its DI Box you can connect a large number of input sources, from pedals, preamps, your head amp’s speaker output, etc.


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