Fryette Two/Ninety/Two Stereo Poweramp 230V

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A stereo power amplifier with wide-open dynamic delivery, powerful low-end response and road-tested reliability.

The Two/Ninety/Two Stereo Power Master-Built Amplifier has proven itself to be the standard for tube power performance not only in its own size and class, but against many power amplifiers boasting considerably higher output power.

Utilizing the same circuit design as the venerable Twenty One Fifty power amp, (used by Mick Mars of Motley Crue and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots), the Two/Ninety/Two produces 90-plus watts per channel with four premium matched KT88 power tubes.

Tonally, the Two/Ninety/Two combines the rich upper harmonic detail of a classic EL34 amp with the clarity and lower midrange punch of a 6L6. In Low Power Mode, the Two/Ninety/Two delivers 60 effortless watts per channel into a 4, 8 or 16 ohm load. Using Low Power Mode allows for maximum power amp saturation with a low fan speed setting, ideal for studio recording where silent fan operation is essential. No other power amplifier available offers as much harmonic balance, wide open-dynamic delivery and powerful bottom-end response.

For 30 years, Fryette power amplifiers have set the standard for sound quality, power and rugged reliability. The designs are straightforward and functional, the build quality is unmatched, and long-term roadworthiness is amply attested to by legions of touring bands that depend on them. With their Depth and Presence controls, Input Level and Voicing switches and switchable power modes, there’s simply nothing comparable to these amazing pieces of pro-quality gear. Players and recording engineers tell us these are among the best-sounding power amps ever made.


  • Voicing Switches determine power amp frequency response (Guitar cabinet or FRFR system) for each channelMono linked Stereo Inputs
  • Dual Power Mode (Run at 90 or 60 watts per channel)
  • Independent input tube stages for maximum stereo separation between channels
  • Presence and Depth controls
  • Fan cooled
  • Power: 98w RMS/Channel, 60w RMS/Channel Low Mode Power
  • Impedance: 4, 8, 16 Ohm
  • 2 parallel outputs per output
  • Preamp tubese: 2 x 12AX7AC , 2 x 12AU7AC
  • Power tubes: 4 x Premium EH KT88
  • Dimensions: 48 cm x 33cm x 8,5cm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 16kg


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