Friedman BE-50 Deluxe Head

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This 3-channel head is full of possibilities and real tone power.

According to Dave Friedman himself, this is the best amplifier he has ever made: with three channels ready to let out the tone effortlessly, keeping the sensitive purity to the touch.

BE and HBE overdrive channels

Friedman’s BE and HBE disc channels are industry standards for crunch, clarity and high-gain nuances. With independent volume and gain controls, as well as some of Friedman’s most popular amplifier modifications.

  • Switchable channels BE and HBE
  • Independent volume and gain for each channel
  • The 3-position voice switch dictates the response of dirty channels at the top
  • Fat switch adds low-end girth and warmth
  • The 3-way gain structure switch determines the overall gain of the channels

Buxom Betty cleans

The clean channel of the Friedman BE-50 Deluxe is inspired directly by the timbre, the glassy top end and the full body of the Friedman Buxom Betty amplifier. Get the best out of your favorite pedals and effects.

  • Opulent clean tones, inspired by Friedman Buxom Betty
  • 3-band EQ to shape your clean tone
  • The bright 3-position switch adjusts the brightness of your sound

Flexible power section

Thanks to an amazingly flexible power section, the BE-50 Deluxe will be your favorite amplifier in any concert. From the front panel, you can tune the general character of the amplifier with a trio of variable controls. By turning the amplifier you will find a half power switch, as well as the most transparent effects loop in the business.

  • Presence button attenuates high frequencies in the power section of the amplifier
  • Thump adds or eliminates bass rumble
  • Response control allows you to determine the feel of the amplifier
  • Transparent series effects loop with bypass switch always maintains center tone
  • The ignition switch selects between the 50-watt pentode operation and the 25-watt triode mode

Technical Details

  • Power: 50/25 watt (rear switch)
  • Channels: 3
  • Entradas: 1
  • Preamp tubes:4 x 12AX7
  • Power tubes: 2 x EL34
  • Speaker outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohm
  • Controls:
    1. Clean channel: Volume, bass, middle and treble
    2. BE channel: Gain 1, master 1, bass, middle, treble (shared with HBE Ch)
    3. HBE channel: Gain 2, master 2, bass, middle, treble (shared with BE Ch
  • Additional controls :  SAT, FAT, Bright y Voice switches for unique textures.  Gain Structure switch for overall gain
  • Loop: Send/Return On/Off w/ return level
  • Footswitch: Yes, selector between BE and HBE channels
  • Dimensions: 254 h x 610 w x 266mm d
  • Weight: 13,8kg
  • Custom USA made transformers
  • Handwired in the USA

Customer Reviews (1)

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    First : Shipping to France was quick : ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday. Great ! Parcel was perfect, well done UPS.

    About the amp : It’s been a long time I was searching for this king of tone. I play Marshall JVM for last 7/8 years and I’ve done lot of mods on it (every mods possible, choke, negative feedback, c83, tube changing, tone stack mod). The sound was not so bad but not so good. Mods improved a lot but still not what I was searching for….

    Friedman have been in my target because the Marshall idea first. Then I wanted 3 channels with 3 volumes on it and a loop. 50W is in most case enough for gig.

    I have to say that the tone is incredible: tight bass (very very important for a good sound) FAT sound, Very dynamic (love it) and also with Full gain. Whaa ! I love the clean tone, I love the BE(crunch) tone and I love the HBE (dist) tone.

    There is a very important knob (Return Loop) on back panel. The idea is to use it as a MASTER volume. It works very well. You can put the Loop return to Zero and send the Loop sound to your computer for example (and use a cab simulator) for recording without cab). Or use it as a simple Master.

    I think it’s not a good idea (my first) to put the Loop Return at the same volume as Loop OFF because all the others volume (3 channels) may probably be LOW and you will not send enough signal to your FX. So put each volume at 5 then Master volum with loop return. You got it ?

    Well for me it works very well the sound is huge even at in my room at low volume.

    My only complain is about the 2 Footswitchs. It’s labeled CLEAN | BOOST. I may have prefered a Marshall Way : Clean/OD | OD2. I mean the Led is Red when Clean is engaged, and i prefer when OD is engaged for red…

    Ok the price is 3 times a Marshall JVM : Well the sound is in my opinion 10 times better.

    I play the guitar since 22 years in a professional way (gig, lessons, magazine, transcriber, mixing, recording…), I mean i hear and feel the difference that some inexperimented people can’t hear.

    So i will say goodbye to my JVM and welcome to this nice Friedman sound. KILLER SOUND ! Maybe the best I’ve ever heard actually.

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