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Emerson Switchcraft Short Straight Prewired 3-Way Toggle Switch (Nickel Finish)

SKU: 210000002880
Emerson Custom

Emerson’s newly designed pre-wired 3-way toggle switch. Its 22-gauge color-coded cable makes welding very easy. Professional wiring ready to use with your Les Paul (or any other type of guitar that needs a Gibson style 3-way toggle switch).

With it you will achieve an impeccable and trustworthy sound that is also completely easy to install.


  • Prewired 3-Way Switchcraft Short Straight Toggle Switch
  • Color coded 22 gauge for an easy solderingAll soldered switch connections are reinforced with heatshrink to ensure years of trouble-free use.
  • Fits USA made Gibson LP’s, USA Made PRS’s 245’s, Tele Deluxes, Epiphones and most other Gibson-Style imports with very little modification.
  • Switch Tip NOT Included (Sold Separately)

Installation Instructions:

Leave the thermofluent that unites all the wires intact until you have fed the switch assembly and wires completely through the pick-up paths of your guitar. This will ensure a smoother installation and will also protect the cables from damage during the installation process. Once you feed the cables into the control cavity, leave a couple of inches of slack to return to the cable path, for future use, if necessary.

To remove the outer gray sheath, simply mark it with scissors or some wire strippers. Do not cut all the way through, so as not to damage any of the internal cables. Remove the excess inner paper and then weld the inner wires as described below:

  • BLACK AND UNCOVERED WIRE – (Grounds) Solder the bare wire on the nearest back, and the black wire to the Jack RING. (Make sure that the discovered does not touch anything that can land).
  • WHITE THREAD – (Hot main signal) Solder to the TIP of the outlet.
  • GREEN THREAD – (Switch hot collar) Welds the middle tab of the NECK volume container.
  • RED WIRE – (Hot switch bridge) Welds the middle tab of the BRIDGE volume container.


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