Emerson Les Paul Prewired Kit 3/4″ Long Shaft (Standard – For Carved Tops)

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This pre-wired harness for Gibson Les Paul’s from the USA has been carefully wired following the “50’s Style” and grounded with a vintage bus spec cable for a great vintage tone.

What makes 50’s style wiring so special?

In general, the tone becomes stronger, tighter and more transparent. The loss of trebles that occurs after going back with the volume is much less than with standard wiring. The volume and tone controls become more responsive and react more fluidly without the usual hot spots. – The tone and volume controls interact with each other, as with certain Fender valve amplifiers of the tweed era. When the volume changes, the tone also changes a bit, and vice versa.


  • 4 x 500K Emerson PRO CTS Split Shaft Potentiometers
  • 1 x Switchcraft J11 1/4″ mono input jack (MADE IN USA)
  • 2 x Emerson Bumblebee Paper in Oil Capacitors (1: 0.022uf Bridge, & 1: 0.015uf Neck)
  • 1 x Wiring Diagram
  • Wired 50’s style for authentic vintage sound and feel.
  • Wired by hand in the USA


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