Emerson G&H Cable Kit


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The Emerson Custom Patch Cable seamless kit is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who also want to connect their pedals. This kit uses USA made low capacitance cables which are flexible, durable and reliable. Their seamless cable kits use the G & H B52N seamless plugs. These plugs offer a simple, seamless connection for unparalleled reliability day after day. They are the ideal solution.

Note that the seamless G & H B52N connector is designed for fast, easy and secure termination of custom audio cables. The G & H Solderless Connector design gives you a simple and reliable solution for your custom cable needs. You can choose the length and the angle using the exclusive design cable and seamless connectors.

The G & H Solderless Connector was designed taking into account the close contact and the use of the pedalboard. The G & H Solderless Connector has the lowest profile on the market today, allowing both manufacturer and user to maximize all available space on the board. It is also an effective solution for making “quick” repairs for faulty connections when time is short.


  • 365.76cm USA Made Low Capacitance Cable (Available in 8 Colors)
  • 12 x  Solderless low-profile connectors
  • 1 x #1 flat head screwdriver tip


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