Emerson 3-Way Esquire Prewired Kit 250K-Ohm Pots (For Single Coil Pickups)

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The Emerson 3-Way Esquire Prewired kit offers you 3 unique sound positions, and with the use of CTS Emerson Pro you can perfectly customize the volume and tone to your liking.

  1. The first position (volume only) is ideal for a straight base tone.
  2. With the second position you will obtain the standard volume and tone.
  3. The third position (volume and fixed capacitor) has a paper capacitor in oil of 0.0047uf that provides a fixed disconnection tone (Eldred Mod) that is independent of the pitch potentiometer. Ideal for a darker shade.

Wire with a vintage 22 AWG feedback cable for vintage look and sound. The connections welded to the input socket are insulated with heat shrinkable to guarantee durability and long service life.

  • Handwired in the USA
  • Features Emerson PRO CTS Potentiometers
  • 2 x Emerson PRO CTS Solid Shaft w/.375″ (3/8″) Shaft Length
  • Oak Grigsby 3-Way Switch
  • Switchcraft 1/4″ Mono Input Jack
  • 0.047uf Emerson Paper in Oil Capacitor (for Normal Tone, Postion #2)
  • 0.0047uf Paper In Oil Capacitor (for Fixed Tone, Postion #3)
  • Volume Mod
  • Wiring Diagram


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