Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper

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Electro Harmonix didn’t name its multi-function delay and looper pedal ‘Grand Canyon’ by chance. Equipped with up to 12 types of delay effects plus a fully functional looper, its sound will make you think that you are playing your guitar in the middle of the Colorado’s Gran Grañón. The pedal provides excellent sound quality, with up to three seconds of delay time, being able to adjust the tempo through the tap (tap tempo) and nine settings for beat division, stereo output and 13 presets. It also comes fully programmable EXP pedal settings and a premium analog bypass with smooth switching and much more.

Technical Specifications

  • Digital delay & looper
  • 12 types of effects: echo, mod, multi, reverse, DMM (deluxe memory man), tape, reverb, pitch, shim, sample/hold, drum, doubler, looper
  • True bypass
  • Controls: Delay level/dry cut, loop level, feedback/dub level, delay/fadeout, delay type
  • Button: Tap div, delay/looper
  • Switch: Bypass/stop, tap/loop
  • Led: On/off
  • Jacks: Mono in/Stereo out, footswitch in, expression in
  • Current: Power supply (included)
  • Consumption: 150mA
  • Dimensions: 57 x 121 x 102mm (height x width x length)


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