Decibel Eleven Switch Dr. MIDI Controller / Loop Switcher


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  • 128 presets capable of sending:
    • Up to 3 MIDI program changes on 3 MIDI channels
    • Up to 8 on/off messages of the MIDI continuous controller on 2 MIDI channels
    • Up to 4 MIDI Note-On messages to activate samplers
    • Expression pedal Continuous MIDI controller data
  • Up to 4 true bypass pedal effects loops
  • Up to 3 switch control functions for switching amplifier channels
  • Optional Class A discrete analog input buffer – to retain the upper-end spark and prevent pickup loading.
  • Direct mode for instant access to individual switches – activated at any time, allowing direct and instant access to effects loops and control switching.
  • External Expression Pedal Input
  • The optional “global” default settings can be accessed from any bank at any time.
  • Presets can be remotely retrieved by MIDI to synchronize multiple switches/controllers.
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 33.52cm x 12.7cm x 4.04cm”.
  • Weight – 1.36kg


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