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Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal

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Discover the BOSS TU-3: the world’s best-selling stage tuner. This is an improved evolution of the well-known Boss TU-2. Built with the same solid body as the Boss pedals, the Tu-3 incorporates a 21 led display with the High-brightness function visible even if you’re on one of the darkest stages you could possibly imagine.

You’lle be able to choose between a chromatic tuner or guitar/bass tuner, and enjoy the Accu-pitch option to verify the tuning in a much more visual way. In addition, the BOSS TU-3 features a name indicator that allows you to display notes from 7-string guitars, or 6-string basses, while the flat tuning mode allows you to modify the standard tuning and transport it up to 6 semitones. Without a doubt, this is the tuner you were looking for!


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