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Boss DD7 Delay Pedal

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We are not talking about some regular pedal: the new BOSS DD-7 takes the best features of its predecessors and expands its creative potential with the Modulation Delay mode, the Classic Analog Delay mode, the external pedal control options, a longer Delay time, and many more features.

Extended Delay
The DD-7 has up to 6.4 seconds of delay, a significant increase over its predecessor. In addition, the Hold mode allows you to record up to 40 seconds of input to create sound on sound performances.

New Delay Modes
The DD-7 is equipped with two new and innovative delay modes. The modulation delay provides chorus-flavored sounds. While the analog Delay offers a modeled simulation of the classic BOSS DM-2, with its characteristic warmth.

External Control
For a hands-free control of the DD-7, an external pedal and an expression pedal can be used. The tempo can be controlled from an external pedal, while the delay, feedback and effect level can be changed on the fly through the expression pedal.

Stereo output
You can create incredible effects with the DD-7’s stereo output, such as spatial audio sweeps through a true stereo panorama. You can also use the stereo outputs to create signal paths, which can be very useful for recording and controlling live performances.


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