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Bad Cat Unleash Attenuator

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Bad Cat
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Unleash The worlds first re-amplifier / attenuator. This device will take any amplifier from 1 to 100 watts and either attenuate or boost, from whisper quiet in the bedroom, to 100 plus blaring watts in the club. Two foot switchable volumes controls allow for rhythm and lead volumes. Unleash also offers an effects loop and direct out. Another first from the engineers at Bad Cat.

Boost The Unleash is very simple to use in application. To boost, plug the speaker output of your low wattage amp into the unleash input and the output of the unleash into a speaker cabinet. Now you have your favorite small wattage amp with the tone intact and 100 watts of available power. Don’t forget that the unleash has an effects loop to plug that delay or chorus pedal into.

Attenuate How often have you wound up the gain on your 100 watt fire breather, rolled back the volume on your attenuator and hit the front end with a booster and got nothing? It just got dirtier with no appreciable boost in volume. With The Unleash you have boost to spare without changing the tone that you took so long to dial in. Having two channels to switch between affords the ultimate clean boost. Try putting an EQ in the effects loop and the tonal shaping options expand.

  • Attenuate any amp from 1 to 100 W
  • Boost up to 100 W
  • Two independent volume chanels switchable via footswitch (Not included)
  • Direct output
  • Fx Loop


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