Alhambra Linea Profesional LP

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With Alhambra Guitars’ Professional Line you’ll discover an Alhambra model with unbeatable reliability and comfort qualities, which will exceed all your expectations. As its name indicates, this guitar is a match made in heaven for level guitar players, who aim to perfect themselves as artists with an instrument of the highest quality.

This model is made with solid and specially selected woods. Specifically, the cedar has been chosen for the top, with nitro lacquer varnish, and Indian Rosewood was chosen for the sides and back of the instrument. In the guitar neck, also built with Cedar, they’ve applied the latest trends in ergonomics and comfort for the guitarist. We are talking about the Ergoneck design, which has already convinced many professionals.

In addition, for maximum precision in tuning, this model features the Schaller Grand Tune Classic Hauser: highest quality and elegance.

  • Spanish character: this model is a versatile concert instrument with a very wide sound range.
  • With this instrument you will transmit purity, power and projection in the sound.
  • Great usability and balance
  • CAT bracing: asymmetric distribution of harmonic bars that provides an adequate hardness and projection.

Technical Specifications

  • TOP: Solid Cedar
  • SIDES & BACK: Solid Indian Rosewood
  • NECK: Cedar Reinforced inside with Ebony Wood. Ergoneck
  • MACHINE HEADS: Schaller Grand Tune Classic Hauser​
  • NUT & SADDLE: Bone
  • FINISH: Gloss (Laca nitro on top)
  • STRINGS: D’Addario EXP 44 Extra Hard Tension
  • HARDCASE: Alhambra 9650 Hard Case

Customer Reviews (2)

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    I just got this guitar and sounds unbelievable. The workmanship on it is exquisite and I really love the 12 hole bridge. It’s very loud and notes are with all kind of different nuances that brings together that beautiful harmony. This one beats in sound and volume anything that I own so far and I do have some expensive gear. One thing worthy to mention the guitar comes with Daddario Extra Hard tension strings. I’m not a fan of those and they are too hard on my fingers. I immediately put on Aquilla Albatros and it sounds beautiful. Again strings are preference. Order with confidence this guitar, you will not be disappointed.

  2. Avatar


    This guitar is characterized for its unique Cat bracing system, which is different from other conventional Torres or Lattice designs. When I unboxed this guitar, its sound is already full of great bass and treble without any open-up, and the volume is very huge with high projection, like a beast. I believe the Cat bracing system may play an important role for a brand new guitar to achieve such performance.

    However, I think the choosing of strings could be an issue for this guitar. The stock Daddario EXP44 extra hard tension strings can provide a very powerful volume and good projection, but its G-string sounds dull and not pleasing on this guitar. After I swapped the strings with Savarez 510ARP, this issue is minimized. In my opinion, 0.033 inches (0.85mm) flurocarbon G-string is very adequate to Linea Profesional, and I will try Knobloch Actives CX mid-high tension strings later.

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