Alhambra Exotic Woods Custom Collection Olive Cedar

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Discover this line of customisable Alhambra guitars, in which you can choose different woods for the top, sides and back of your instrument, as well as the colour of the pegs or the finish. This is, without a doubt, a clear example of the investment in research and development made by Guitarras Alhambra. This Classical Exotic Woods Collection model offers a powerful sound, full of nuances and, of course, with a very Spanish character.

Depending on the wood selected in the hoops, back and top, the sound color of your guitar will vary, without losing its personality. The different woods you can choose for the sides and back are: White Ebony, Olive wood, Indian Rosewood & Cocobolo. Without a doubt, this is a guitar with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, to which is added the charm of a customizable instrument.

The use of olive wood produces precious contrasts in this guitar. The wood meshes obtained by using this material create a unique and unrepeatable instrument. Moreover, this product is a clear example of Alhambra’s commitment to the environment. The new Exotic Woods series, both in white Ebony and Olive wood, is a guitar built with unprotected woods that do not require CITES certification.

Technical Specifications

  • TOP: Solid Cedar
  • NECK: Agba. Ebony reinforced neck
  • TUNERS: Luxury Dorados
  • FINISH: High Gloss


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