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Santa Cruz Guitars

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Sustainability and the highest quality

This 'Made in California' company was founded in 1976 by Richard Hoover and has since then manufactured some of the most sophisticated acoustic guitars on the market.

In Santa Cruz they are based on SCGC's small production luthery culture and its main mission is to provide musicians with exceptional instruments that can contribute to change their world. We are more than delighted to be official distributors of this brand in Spain.

The company focuses on detail and has chosen to limit its size to maintain the quality of its instruments. Over the years, Santa Cruz has developed new designs and a new understanding of materials in search of more variation in tone. The company uses both recovered wood and new wood harvested responsibly, following a "green philosophy".

Its signature artists are Catfish Keith, Bill Nershi, SONiA, Scott Law, Otis Taylor, Janis Ian, Don Edwards, Eric Skye, Brad Paisley and Tony Rice. In addition, some artists who have chosen to play their guitars are Juanes, Milow, Steve Palazzo and Ben Harper.