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About RockBag

From simple padded bags to "bomb-proof" cases, at Rockbag you are sure to find what you need to protect your instrument. No matter the type, from guitars to basses of all shapes and sizes, W-Music offers with its Rockbag line, bags and cases in different standard sizes for the most diverse shapes.

But not only for guitars and basses, in Rockbag you can also find transport accessories for pedals, individual effects units, picking instruments such as ukulele, laouto, oud, baglama, bouzouki or tzoura, for keyboards and accordions, for string instruments or wind, for drums and percussion, as well as cases PA equipment and other accessories. You can also find many types of cases and flight cases for amplifiers. Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of bag or case you need.

All these accessories are guaranteed by a company that has been manufacturing musical equipment for more than 70 years. Quality products at very good prices. As proof of its quality, registering your products in W-Music, you will extend the legal guarantee to no less than 4 years!