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About Ray Planet Guitars

Ray Planet guitars has received a new worldwide patent for their instruments constructed from a whole block of aluminum. These guitars, designed and built by SUPERNOVA | FX, an R&D company located in Barcelona and distributed by Fanatic Guitars, offer futuristic features like zero background noise, more than a minute of sustain or interchangeable necks.

Many builders like to say that their guitars are unique but… How many can prove it with a patent? Ray Planet's Machete series recently earned a world patent with their guitar built entirely from a single solid block of CNC machined (PCT patent applied) aluminum.

This is not the first patent that this guitar has obtained, since it is preceded by the one already obtained due to its interchangeable fingerboard: you no longer have to worry about the life of the frets and it allows you to easily change it for another one with a radius that better suits your playing style.

There are many benefits to using aluminum: it produces more than a minute of sustain, zero background noise, makes it easy to swap necks, and is environmentally friendly. Not only is it much more durable and robust than wood, but also more respectful with the environment since it does not contribute to deforestation.

An electric guitar that, in addition to being robust and light, has a powerful sound with a sustain of more than a minute, a sound that is also very versatile, since it allows you to play from jazz to metal.