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Born in St Albans, England in 1964, the third child of a building engineer and woodwork enthusiast father and an artist mother, Patrick James Eggle made his first guitar as part of a project for his woodwork class at school, which initiated his biggest obsession. Over the decades Patrick has gained a reputation for designing and building some of the finest guitars in the world, some of which have been owned by icons such as Toni Iommi, Albert Lee and Rory Gallagher to name a very few.

In the Early nineties Patrick ran guitar production at the Company in Coventry, England which bore his name. In 1994 he parted company and has been working and trading independently ever since, living and working in both the UK and the USA. He works with a small team of craftsmen, producing a limited number of high end electric guitars from his bespoke workshop in Oswestry.

Ensuring only the best materials are used, Patrick spends much of his time travelling and researching remote locations to buy beautiful and unique tonewoods, increasing his supplier list and learning the stories that accompany the wood that he works with and loves.

After several decades building guitars, Eggle has perfected his technique so that his instruments, in addition to impeccable sound and appearance, are a delight to play.

Among the models they currently manufacture are the Macon Single Cut, the Macon Junior, 'The 96' Vintage, 'The 96' Contemporary and 'The OZ'.