Orange Amps

Orange Amps

About Orange Amps

Founded in 1968, Orange is a legendary British brand of amps and cabinets for electric guitar and bass, known for its excellent and distinctive sound, as well as the iconic orange tolex covers that line its cabinets. All models combine a wide high-end tonal variety and an ideal design for concerts in both small rooms and large stages. Their smaller models are a great choice for rehearsal at home or in the rehearsal room as with them you will get the genuine sound that has made them legendary.

It is very common to find an Orange amplifier in the stages and recording studios of today's most prestigious musicians. They have earned the absolute trust of artists not only for their sound, but for their guarantee of durability. The brand has grown enormously during these 40 years and today its catalog, in addition to heads, combos and screens for both guitar and bass, has pedals, testers for valves or cables.

Buying an Orange amp at Fanatic Guitars

At Fanatic Guitars we have visited the Orange headquarters in Borehamwood, England, to learn first-hand about the construction process of their amplifiers and to be able to offer you the best guarantee and after-sales service. If you have any questions about its catalog or are looking for a special model, contact us without obligation.