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Manuel Rodríguez Guitars

Manuel Rodríguez Guitars

Manuel Rodríguez Guitars is a family company which, after 100 years producing instruments of the highest quality, has managed to reach almost every corner of the planet.

The success of their guitars lies in the luthier masters who make them. These luthiers are the true protagonists of this brand, since they have learned through a tradition that has passed from parents to children, from masters to apprentices. The characteristics that define his work are tradition, art, beauty, sound and modernity.

Thanks to the growth of the company, since 1994 they have moved from their small shop and workshop in the center of Madrid to a new and ambitious facility in Esquivias (Toledo-Spain), where they try to combine tradition and modernity.

This reflects on the quality of their guitars, which can be separated into two groups: the standard and the exclusive ones. The first ones include classical and flamenco guitars of all ranks, suitable for beginners or intermediate to advanced guitarists. The exclusive range includes solid wood guitars that are more than 50 years old in some cases. Exotic woods of unparalleled shine and spectacular borders, make these models unique pieces.

Now, Fanatic Guitars becomes one of its official dealer in Spain, so wherever you live you have the opportunity to get hold of one of its acclaimed instruments.