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Lollar Pickups

Lollar Pickups

Lollar is a Washington-based company that focuses on creating handmade pickups that recreate in an almost miraculous way the tone sought by the great electric guitar lovers.

The company was founded by the famous lutier Jason Lollar in 1995 and since then it’s been the chosen brand for great artists such as Bill Frisell, Jim Fairchild, Robert Randolph, Jimmy Herring, Kenneth Harris, Steve Selvidge, Brendon Urie, Kazumi Watanabe, Johnny Moeler and Charlie Hunter, among others.

Looking for the most careful approach possible to the legendary sounds of the first electric guitars, in Lollar they use unique materials, from the countries where the original Fender and Gibson pickups were made. They know that there are not two equal pickups.

Each Lollar tablet goes through more than 10 quality manufacturing, sound and finishing controls before reaching the hands of the artist.

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