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The Kurzweil company was founded in 1982 by no less than one of the greatest inventors of the modern era, Raymond Kurzweil, and the iconic musician Stevie Wonder. Both joined their talents to develop the K250 synthesizer, launched a year later, with the goal to use an electronic device to generate sounds as realistic as those produced by acoustic instruments. In fact, it is considered the first electronic instrument to realistically reproduce the sound of a piano, to the point that, tests were performed in which professional musicians were unable to distinguish the sound emitted by the synthesizer from the one produced by the real instrument.

Since then, Kurzweil (who started as a developer of reading machines for the blind, technology that he ended up using for musical purposes) has continued to produce new instruments, becoming one of the leading companies in the industry, especially in electronic keyboards.

The company was acquired by Young Chang in 1990, the largest piano maker of the time. Hyundai acquired Young Chang in 2006 and in January 2007 appointed Raymond Kurzweil as strategy director of Kurzweil Music Systems.

Almost half a century after its foundation, Kurzweil has emerged as one of the most renowned manufacturers of digital keyboards and pianos, as well as speakers and professional studio equipment. Their secret has been keeping the eagerness for innovation and never to cease in its will to produce the best quality products.

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