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Kemper Amps is one of those innovative brands, which surprise us with high quality products with which we have never dared to dream.

Without going any further, this company from Recklinghausen (Germany) revitalized the world of simulation of amplifiers with its “Profiling Amps” line: digital modelers that can capture the essence of any amplifier through a complex digital process.

Kemper Profiler uses patented digital technology to simulate the sound of any guitar or bass amplifier in one minute  this allows you to store your favorites and, if you want, download the sounds of any Kemper community member who wants to share them.

Taking a look at previous amplifier simulators, you might doubt Kemper’s efficiency; After all, we all believe that a digital sound will never have the warmth or quality of our dear valves, right?

Don’t be mistaken: with Kemper you can achieve the sound you’ve been dreaming of with spectacular sound quality.

That’s the reason why great artists like Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse of Deep Purple, Tomo Miličević of 30 Seconds to Mars, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, Pat Metheny, Wolf Hoffmann of accepting and Mitch Harris of Napalm Death have chosen Kemper.

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