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About Godin Guitars

From the selection of the factory to the final adjustments in the finished instrument, each Godin guitar is designed and built by people who love guitars. After all, after more than 25 years building guitars, this continues to hand-finish the necks of each of its instruments.

In fact, from the weathering to the sanding, there is a lot of handwork behind each guitar. Manufactured in Richmond, Quebec and Berlin (New Hampshire), nevertheless their necks continue being done at their original location in La Patrie, Quebec.

Godin are also known for their other brands, which include the acoustic guitar lines Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie. In addition, they are also the makers of the revolutionary TRIC case.

The modern guitar is still evolving and Godin know it. That is why they are constantly reviewing and perfecting the techniques used to produce them, paying attention to the materials and their integration into the latest advances in related electronics.

The goal of Godin is that each guitar is in the perfect balance between the best guitar traditions and the new design concepts that are being developed.

Among their offer you can find: single-cutaway guitars, double-cutaway, archtop, multiac, world, electro-acoustic, synth-midi, left-handed guitars and bass guitars.

We also want to highlight their Signature Series (LGX-SA, LGXT, Montreal Premiere, Montreal Premiere P90, Montreal Premiere Bigsby, Montreal Premiere TriplePlay, Montreal Premiere Supreme) and the Glissentar, a unique Godin design. It is a nylon 11 strings with no frets. An acoustic / electric guitar with the five high strings doubled as a 12-string guitar, and a single low-E string. It is aimed at those who accept non-Western sounds in their music, and is based on a combination of the western tradition of the guitar and the world of North Africa.

Perhaps their best-known guitar is the Godin Session. From rock to blues going through country, the session is a guitar with tonal versatility, style and validity, all in a single instrument that won’t disappoint. With a rock arch mast with rosewood fretboard, Canadian Laurentian linden body, 2 Godin GS-1 individual reels housed in a vintage white beater and a Godin humbucker on the bridge.

At Fanatic Guitars we also have Godin models among our product offerings. Their guitars are incredibly diverse, so there’s probably a perfect one for you. Take a look!