Fender Guitars

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The most legendary guitar brand

Probably the best known guitar brand in the world. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was born in the 1940s by an accountant converted to a guitar maker: Leo Fender. Many of his inventions marked a milestone in the music equipment history, creating cornerstones like the Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars, or basses such as the Precision or the Jazz Bass. Models that, even today, continue to be sold.

A legendary brand that has written countless pages in the history of popular music, having inspired thousands of musicians and legends of all styles. From The Beatles to Radiohead, it could be said that practically all the great artists in history have used some of the instruments of the American brand at some time.

In Fanatic Guitars you can find their not only their best known models, Stratocaster and Telecaster, but also many others such as the Mustang, Jazzmaster or Jaguar series. You can find modern and current versions of this models as well as authentic vintage jewels from the 50s, 60s or decades 70 in perfect conditions.

Regarding its bass production, we not only offer the most recognized models, such as the Precision and Jazz Bass, but also lesser known models such as the Mustang or the Dimension, so be sure to check out for interesting options.

Finally, we cannot forget its famous line of amplifiers, among which are myths such as the BassMan models or the Reverb series, but also more current models such as the Mustang or Hot Rod series.

Professional or more affordable models that adapt to both your tastes and your pocket. Always with the quality guarantee of the world's largest guitar manufacturer.