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About Ernie Ball

Slinky Series: Manufactured with high precision and the highest quality standards to ensure great resistance and precision of tone, its steel cables are coated with nickel wound. They are available in all types of thickness. They can also be reinforced with titanium for greater durability and vibration capacity. Rounded cobalt covers provide greater sustain and clarity.

M-Steel Series: Made of a patented Super Cobalt alloy, used in aviation and defense industry. Its hexagonal-shaped steel cables are wound with a patented cobalt alloy for a more powerful and expressive tone. They have more durability than conventional ropes.

Earthwood Series: Made with 80% copper and 20% zinc that surrounds a carbon steel and brass cable. They are the most popular acoustic guitar strings.

Aluminum Bronze: This type of string offers more projection and clarity than the traditional bronze, and also protects them from corrosion. The cable is also made of Maraging Steel. They offer bright high tones and very pronounced lows.

Paradigm: This is the brand's new flagship product for electric and acoustic guitar. Made in California using a new exclusive technology that reinforces its durability and resistance while maintaining the tone of the Slinky and Earthwood. Ernie Ball guarantees that they are the strongest on the market and offers a 90-day guarantee on torsion or oxidation.

The Ernie Ball catalog provides us with a wide catalog of strings for everything from instruments: electric guitar, acoustic, bass, as well as nylon strings for classical guitar. But in addition to strings, they also manufacture a wide catalog of accessories such as straps, pedals, screws, potentiometers, and everything you need to improve or complement your instrument.