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About Elixir Strings

Elixir is one of the best selling string brands in the world, and the favorite strings brand of many guitarists, who come to our shop to buy their string sets and they do not accept any other brand. When Elixir burst onto the string industry in 1997, there was no such a string coating technology, and it continues without having a good competitor. The success of Elixir is based on a coating solution that helps prevent corrosion from collecting particles between the windings that kill your tone. Elixir string sets last longer, which means that your tone will stay tunned for three to five times longer than uncoated strings. Elixir manufactures strings for all types of instruments: electric guitar, acoustic, electric bass, acoustic bass, banjo, baritone guitar, mandolin, etc.

¿Nanoweb, Optiweb or Polyweb?

Elixir produce three different kind of coating: Polyweb, ultra thin Nanoweb and Optiweb. All their models asure a longer life to your strings, but the difference lies in the tone and playing feel. Polyweb strings have a warmer tone and reduce finger noise. Nanoweb preserve the traditional tone of the uncoated strings. Optiweb is only available on electric guitar strings, and they have crist tone and natural feel. One of the best-selling models is the Elixir Nanoweb 12052 10-46, although the choice of the type of strings will always depend on your tone and playing style.