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Divided By 13

Divided By 13

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About Divided By 13

Divided by 13 was founded by Californian musician and electronics enthusiast Fred Taccone. The son of an engineer, Taccone began to work, while still in school, manufacturing power amps at the Risson Amplifiers company under the orders of Bob Rissi, who had worked as an amp designer for Fender.

During college, Taccone worked in both Fender and Music Man, along with industry greats such as Leo Fender, Doc Kauffman, Randall, Forrest, etc. After years perfecting the technique, and encouraged by his many musician friends (people like Rusty Anderson, Lyle Workman, Joel Shearer, Nick Lashley and Corky James) he began manufacturing his own amplifiers trying to improve the existing.

Since then, amplifiers such as the FTR 37 or the BTR 23, have made a place among artists who demand the vintage sound of the golden years of music but with the improvements offered by modern techniques. These artists include people like Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), The Edge (U2) or Chris Cornell (Soundgarden / Audioslave), among many others.