Diamond Pedals

Diamond Pedals

About Diamond Pedals

Are you looking for unique pedals for your guitar? Diamond Pedals may be exactly what you're looking for... At its core, Diamond Pedals defines itself as a small design team that simply loves music. In fact, its creators have played the guitar for many years and have collected all kinds of boutique and mass production pedals.

Founded by Michael Knappe, a Master of Engineering who holds 27 patents in the fields of signal processing algorithms and psychoacoustics (the study of how our brain perceives sound), Diamond Pedals brings some of the most formidable knowledge to the varied offer of effects.

Recognized for their products such as the Memory Lane Delay, the J-Drive Overdrive and the Comp SE Compressor, Diamond's effects have convinced renowned artists like The Edge, Johnny Marr and Ed O'Brien. With the perfect combination of classic effects and cutting-edge technology, the Diamond Pedals pedals are designed for the modern artist.

Its main mission is achieving constant innovation to be able to provide the best sound quality in the field of guitar signal processing. Therefore, far from manufacturing products that are the same or similar to those already existing, in Diamond Pedals they want each of their products to be unique and at the same time maintain the usability of products that are already familiar to us.

Among its offer you will find a score of pedals that will not leave you indifferent, as well as an interesting custom shop. At Fanatic Guitars we are captivated by its originality and its desire for constant innovation. That's why among you can find Diamond Pedals’ products our offer. Check them out!