D'Angelico Guitars

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Where are D'Angelico guitars made?

With more than 80 years of history upon their shoulders, D'Angelico Guitars make guitars that stand out for their great quality and tone.

John D'Angelico, creator of D'Angelico Guitars, was born in Little Italy, on Manhattan's Lower East Side in 1905 and in his early childhood became the apprentice of his great-uncle Signor Ciani, an expert violin and mandolin maker. This premature apprenticeship would become the basis of the building principles he later incorporated into his world-famous bow guitars.

D'Angelico's first store was located at 40 Kenmare Street, remaining in New York City's Italian neighborhood. The shop was small, but perfect for the humble project he wanted to develop: D'Angelico's instruments were strictly handmade, and in very limited quantities. In the late 1930s, when production was at its peak, D'Angelico manufactured approximately 35 instruments a year with the help of only two workers.

In 1952, James D'Aquisto, a jazz guitarist and bassist, joined D'Angelico as an apprentice, who in the future would become the preserver of D'Angelico's legend for generations to come.

After several ups and downs in the company, today D'Angelico Guitars can be proud of its more than 80 year history. They have gone from a small shop in Little Italy to a large showroom in downtown Manhattan, but maintaining the same humble goal of their Unions: to produce exceptional guitars that maintain the legacy of John D'Angelico. With guitars in the hands of influential artists and available from distributors around the world, D'Angelico's guitars leave no one indifferent. Their lines, which include reissues, new semi-hollow designs and the first collection of solid bodies in the brand's 85-year history, are defined by their remarkable quality and tone.

At D'Angelico they guarantee the maximum quality of their instruments, which are made with a great deal of passion.