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Boss Pedals

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About Boss

The reason why Boss pedals are so popular is due to one simple reason: they sound great. And that's because this brand of effects pedals is subsidiary of Roland, probably the most influential brand in electronic music of all times. Their sound engineers have designed for more than 40 years all kinds of effects pedals, some of which are considered classic pieces that every guitarist must own. The catalog of professional musicians who use them is huge, and we could mention top guitarists such as Steve vai, Dave Navarro or John Frusciante.

In addition to being legendary for their sound, they are very consistent pedals and therefore offer maximum reliability in live performances. These pedals are very affordable and difficult to overcome in their price range. Another feature that has been very appreciated is the ease of being modified (mods).

The assortment of Boss stompbox pedals, loopers and multi-effects is huge. Models such as DS-1 Distortion, CH-1 Chorus or RC-1 Looper are considered iconic and best-selling within each of their categories. Whatever your musical style, you must have some of them on your pedalboard.

Why to buy a Boss pedal at Fanatic Guitars

We have been more than 20 years supporting and advising professional musicians of all styles. In our shop you will get maximum warranty and excellent post-sale service in the purchase of any Boss pedal.