About AKG

AKG hardly needs an introduction. Without a doubt one of the leading, best known and recognized music equipment brands in the world. Their instruments have been used (and continue to be so) by the greatest artists in the history of music.

Founded in 1947 in Vienna (Austria), the company has been delivering products of unquestionable quality for more than 70 years. In this period they have specialized mainly in two products: microphones and headphones.

That is why in all this time they have left numerous classics in the world of recording and audio equipment, such as the famous AKG 414 or C12, or the K series headphones, among which are several industry standards such as 240 or 701.

Their obsession has always been to provide the best possible sounding gear. The result has been a high reputation among musicians, becoming synonymous of quality. Basically, they don’t make bad products. Therefore, those who buy AKG know that they are buying the best product they can afford.