Electric Basses

The Electric Bass: The King of the Groove

The popularity of the electric bass has been growing in recent years, increasing its legion of fans around the world. Its function in a good band is fundamental: it is the transmitting belt between harmony and rhythm, serving as the filling element of the whole group.

But not only that, its importance has risen to become the main instrument in many styles, such as funk, and it is not uncommon to see more and more soloists who enjoy star status such as Marcus Miller or Victor Wooten.

Which electric bass is ideal for me?

The variety of basses on the market today is overwhelming and can certainly be a nightmare for beginners.

The first thing is to decide the number of strings: If you are a beginner, perhaps it is best to start with the classic 4-string configuration. As we improve, we can increase the number of strings.

The second thing is to choose the pickup configuration: There are many, but in order not to get confused, we will talk about the most common:

  • P-type pickups: These are the first to be used and come from the word Precision, the first Fender model. They are two simple pickups placed one on top of the other, which have a powerful and thick sound, somewhat nasal, with a marked vintage character. They are especially good for rock, soul, funk, disco, and other vintage styles.
  • J-type pickups: Their name comes from the Fender Jazz model and they are simple pickups. They usually come in pairs, one placed near the bridge and the other near the neck. Their sound is more defined than P-types, so they are perhaps more recommended for beginners, although they are quite versatile and can be used for almost any style.
  • Humbuckers: These are two simple pickups placed side by side, which reduces unwanted noise and enhaces the sound. They are powerful pickups that, although suitable for almost any style, they are recommended for the hardest styles, such as Rock, Heavy or Metal.

Finally, consider the woods and aesthetics: The type of woods also has its impact on the final tone of the bass, so if you have a very clear sound in your mind you like, the best thing to do is get in contact and we see if we have something for you. Last but not least, aesthetics. But that depends only on you.

There are many more factors, but these would be the most important to begin with.

What guarantees do I have when buying from Fanatic?

We offer a 2-year guarantee and 14 days Money Back warranty if you are not convinced, in addition to fast shipping of 24/48 hours in the Peninsula. We want to make sure that the bass you wear is the right one for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.